Custom Motorsports Marketing/Sponsorship Portfolios by FYE

                Drivers/Team Owners: Are you content with the amount of sponsorship involvement with your race team or could you use more help funding your team for the upcoming season? Maybe what youíre missing is a professional way to market your team to those potential sponsors out there. If so, a Motorsports Marketing Portfolio is just the thing for you!

                Track Owners/Promoters: Are you looking for additional nightly, billboard and/or season-long sponsors? FYE Motorsports will tailor a professional marketing portfolio to suit your needs as well as to assist you in obtaining additional sponsorship in order to help keep your season financially stable.

                Obtaining sponsorship is one of the most difficult and stressful aspects of owning a motorsports team, and/or being a track owner/promoter, and FYE Motorsports fully understands this, so we are here to give a helping hand to those struggling to find a professional way to search out potential sponsors.

                FYE Motorsports understands the incredible importance of sponsorship and the fact that most motorsports teams and race tracks in America could not survive without the support of their loyal sponsors. We have come up with a professional sponsorship portfolio for you to use to send to potential sponsors, that showcases your team/track specifically and gives any potential sponsor some insight as to what supporting your team/track can and will do for both you and for their business.

                These sponsorship portfolios will be custom made to suit your teamís/trackís needs, including your very own colors, graphics and logos, so that any potential sponsor can get a first hand glimpse into what your team/track is all about. We will gather up your personal information and photos and custom design a 6-page spiral bound portfolio for your sponsorship hunting assistance. These marketing portfolios will also come with 10 sheets of custom letterhead for you to include your own personalized cover letter or use as follow up correspondence so that the potential sponsor is assured that their companyís advertising dollars will be well spent.

                 If you run out and need to place a re-order, the price includes only the cost of materials, because your design and artwork fees have already been applied to your original order. Please plan on 2-3 weeks for order to be completed, so hurry and order now so you can get started on your 2013 sponsorship hunt.

                 To place an order or gain more information regarding these sponsorship portfolios, please e-mail Chris at and we will be happy to work with you to assist your team in reaching your sponsorship goals for 2013 and beyond.

INFORMATION FORMS in either PDF or DOC formats

FYE Motorsports now offers two options for your marketing portfolio needs. You can go with the traditional 6-page bound version that we have offered for the past 6 years, or you have the choice to go with a new 10-page, non-spiral-bound version that may be more what you are looking for. This new version is able to include more information, stats, photos and team information and is a bit more sleek looking than the bound version.

Prices As Follows:

Package 1: (10 portfolios w/ 10 letterhead) $265.10 
Package 2: (20 portfolios w/ 20 letterhead) $341.88 
Package 3: (50 portfolios w/ 50 letterhead) $569.42  


Prices As Follows:

Package 1: (10 portfolios w/ 10 letterhead) $364.98 
Package 2: (20 portfolios w/ 20 letterhead) $440.69 
Package 3: (50 portfolios w/ 50 letterhead) $667.11 

Above are several samples of a few of our clients that have already ordered their own personalized marketing portfolios. Samples include: Joel Cryderman Late Model Racing; FYE Motorsports Promotions; Mike Spatola Racing; Vandy Racing and Nutzmann Motorsports.

**Materials, artwork charge, design fee, printing costs & tax included to each price quote
**Shipping not included


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