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Ryan Gierke picked up the Sunday, May 26 Mod Nationals victory at Ogilvie (Minn.) Raceway.


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Gierke Grinds Out Mod Nationals Victory

Ogilvie, MN (May 26) – Sunday night’s race program at Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway wrapped up the 2024 FYE Motorsports Minnesota Truck Headquarters Modified Nationals powered by Wehrs Machine and Superior Fuel. 103 drivers signed in for the night of WISSOTA Dirt Track Race Action and put on an incredible night of door-to-door racing, and at the end of the night, Jake Smith, Dexton Koch, Ryan Gierke, Dustin Holtquist and Payson Patrin claimed the hardware.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds started the night’s features, and they struggled in the beginning to get some laps underway with a few cautions occurring. Once the drivers got warmed up, William Moelter and Jake Smith were side by side for first with Jason VandeKamp, David Swearingen and Zach Benson three wide for third. Moelter and Smith had been battling for a few laps when Smith edged out the point. Moelter held second but soon, VandeKamp and Benson drove to his doors, and they raced three wide. VandeKamp broke away with the second point and set his sights on Smith for the lead. Battles for positions remained three wide for multiple points throughout the field, as VandeKamp reeled in Smith. With seven laps to go, VandeKamp was within a second of Smith with slower traffic in sight. Smith felt the heat of Vandy’s #16 at his rear, but Smith made his way through the slower traffic effortlessly, and Jake Smith took the checkers. Jason VandeKamp settled for second with David Swearingen, Zach Benson and William Moelter grabbing top points.

Terran Spacek and Cole Chernosky brought the WISSOTA Super Stocks around the Big O for the next feature, and when the green dropped, Jordan Henkemeyer raced to their doors to go three wide for the lead. Spacek was in first at the end of lap one, as Henkemeyer and Chernosky saw Dexton Koch at their door. After the drivers raced three wide for second, Koch secured the point and chased after Spacek. Koch caught Spacek and applied pressure for the lead as a caution was triggered. Spacek was in command as the race resumed, but Koch sped to his door. Spacek and Koch pulled away from the field and began a multi-lap battle for first. The top two drivers remained glued to one another and swapped for first at the line lap after lap. Koch had a slight lead over Spacek for a couple laps, but they caught slower traffic, and Spacek raced back to Koch’s door. They again swapped for the top point until Koch finally broke free from Spacek. Dexton Koch put space between him and the competition the final couple laps, and soon took the win. Remaining top points went to Terran Spacek, Dylan Kromschroeder, Matthew Larson and Cole Chernosky. Also for the first time ever, Dexton Koch swept the Mod Nationals feature races by winning each night, which earned him the Superior Fuel Sweep Bonus.

JT Johnson and Kaden Blaeser brought the WISSOTA Modifieds to the line for the next feature and Johnson took the lead. The first lap was scored before a caution occurred, but Johnson remained in the lead. Blaeser held second and kept close to Johnson while another yellow flew. Johnson and Blaeser retained first and second on the restart, however Jody Bellefeuille moved forward and took over the top point. Johnson came back to challenge Bellefeuille and they were side by side for the lead. Bellefeuille broke away from Johnson as Ryan Gierke came through the traffic. Gierke, who started ninth, took third, second and soon, passed Bellefeuille for first. Gierke began to put space between him and his competition as laps passed. Gierke had his cruise set and encountered slower traffic as all eyes were on the battles for top points. Blaeser and Bellefeuille raced for second, Wagamon and Johnson fought for fourth, with slower traffic mixed in. Cars covered the entire race surface with Gierke still cruising on his own in the lead. With lapped traffic all around, Bellefeuille, Blaeser, Wagamon and Johnson were nearly four wide for second the white flag lap. They remained close until the checkers flew, and points two through five were awarded to Jody Bellefeuille, JT Johnson, Clayton Wagamon and Kaden Blaeser while Ryan Gierke claimed the win.

Tyler Larson, Tommy Bawden and Dustin Holtquist shot out of turn four and raced three wide for first when the green dropped for the WISSOTA Mod Four feature. A caution quickly occurred for a mess of cars in turn one and the drivers were slowed and reset. On the following restart, Dustin Holtquist took the lead and the same top three drivers battled for first when Robert Holtquist suddenly rolled on the front stretch. The race went red and drivers stopped as Robert was tended too and was ok. The drivers retook the green with Tyler Larson in the top point and Larson immediately stretched his lead. D. Holtquist however, reeled the #7L of Larson in as laps passed, and soon, Holtquist challenged Larson for the lead. Dustin Holtquist took the point, set his cruise the remaining laps to take the win with Tyler Larson, Tommy Bawden, Connor Hass and Blake Hawker as the top drivers.

The WISSOTA Hornets wrapped up the night with Jenna Hagemann and Payson Patrin on row one. As the green waved, Patrin claimed first and quickly established a solid lead. Hagemann held on to second with Jonathan Aderman in third. After a few laps, Aderman retired to the infield and Bobie Arnes assumed third. Payson Patrin held the lead the race entirety and took the checkered flags with Jenna Hagemann, Bobie Arnes, Anthony Jensen and Randy Jacoboski as the finishing drivers.

With the final checkers waving, the 2024 Mod Nationals was in the books after some incredible racing over the multi-day race event. Thank you to all the fans and drivers who joined us between the Princeton Speedway and Ogilvie Raceway for three nights of race action. We will be back next Saturday for our Meet the Drivers Kids Night and we look forward to seeing you at the Big O!
32 entries

Modifieds Feature (30 Laps): 1. 26G-Ryan Gierke[9]; 2. 11B-Jody Bellefeuille[6]; 3. 89JR-JT Johnson[1]; 4. 14W-Clayton Wagamon[5]; 5. 43K-Kaden Blaeser[2]; 6. 7A-Shane Sabraski[7]; 7. 2C-Dave Cain[13]; 8. 18A-Landon Atkinson[18]; 9. 22-Brandon Copp[8]; 10. 18S-Kennedy Swan[14]; 11. 3T-Travis Schulte[4]; 12. 24-Brandon Dolman[17]; 13. 06-Jeremy Nelson[3]; 14. 33C-Cole Chernosky[23]; 15. 21-Jake Smith[16]; 16. 57-Mike Anderson[22]; 17. 17B-Zach Benson[20]; 18. WIN1-Karl Leavenworth[19]; 19. 7-Brandon Mehrwerth[15]; 20. 25-Adam Bohlman[24]; 21. 40JR-Tyler Vernon[11]; 22. 97-Cole Anderson[21]; 23. 19J-Jack Rivord[25]; 24. 224-Cody Wolkowski[12]; 25. (DNF) 11X-Austin Chyba[10]
B Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 24-Brandon Dolman[2]; 2. 18A-Landon Atkinson[3]; 3. WIN1-Karl Leavenworth[1]; 4. 17B-Zach Benson[5]; 5. 97-Cole Anderson[6]; 6. 57-Mike Anderson[14]; 7. 33C-Cole Chernosky[8]; 8. 25-Adam Bohlman[7]; 9. 2K-Kyle Kirberger[11]; 10. 19J-Jack Rivord[9]; 11. 9-Brady Uotinen[10]; 12. 24E-Tyler English[12]; 13. (DNS) 04N-Nick Ayotte; 14. (DNS) 4-Jeremy Nelson; 15. (DNS) 32-Max Nelson; 16. (DNS) 7M-Andrew Mackey
Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 11B-Jody Bellefeuille[1]; 2. 06-Jeremy Nelson[5]; 3. 40JR-Tyler Vernon[2]; 4. 7-Brandon Mehrwerth[3]; 5. 2C-Dave Cain[8]; 6. 17B-Zach Benson[7]; 7. 9-Brady Uotinen[4]; 8. 2K-Kyle Kirberger[6]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 43K-Kaden Blaeser[2]; 2. 11X-Austin Chyba[1]; 3. 224-Cody Wolkowski[3]; 4. 21-Jake Smith[4]; 5. 24-Brandon Dolman[7]; 6. 97-Cole Anderson[5]; 7. (DNF) 4-Jeremy Nelson[8]; 8. (DNF) 32-Max Nelson[6]
Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 89JR-JT Johnson[7]; 2. 22-Brandon Copp[3]; 3. 3T-Travis Schulte[8]; 4. 18S-Kennedy Swan[2]; 5. 04N-Nick Ayotte[1]; 6. 25-Adam Bohlman[5]; 7. (DNF) 57-Mike Anderson[6]; 8. (DNF) 7M-Andrew Mackey[4]
Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski[1]; 2. 26G-Ryan Gierke[3]; 3. 14W-Clayton Wagamon[8]; 4. WIN1-Karl Leavenworth[4]; 5. 18A-Landon Atkinson[7]; 6. 33C-Cole Chernosky[5]; 7. 19J-Jack Rivord[2]; 8. 24E-Tyler English[6]
34 entries

Midwest Modifieds Feature (25 Laps): 1. 21-Jake Smith[5]; 2. 16V-Jason VandeKamp[11]; 3. 5-David Swearingen[3]; 4. 17B-Zach Benson[4]; 5. 87-William Moelter[1]; 6. 16X-Garrett Paull[15]; 7. 30-Joey Jensen[8]; 8. 40JR-Tyler Vernon[10]; 9. 21W-Wyatt Boyum[9]; 10. 27-Corey Mehrwerth[14]; 11. 19X-James Trantina III[12]; 12. 11-Ashton Schulte[7]; 13. 46-Ryan Putnam[16]; 14. 17-Ashley Boyum[19]; 15. 23-Mitch Weiss[17]; 16. 16S-Ryan Savoy[18]; 17. 24-Cole Elton[6]; 18. 28-Paul Ripley[13]; 19. 22-Chad VanDuker[23]; 20. 22H-Jayme Hiller[2]; 21. 33-Jake Hagemann[21]; 22. (DNF) 88T-Jacob Toepper[22]; 23. (DNF) 4W-Joey Wagamon[24]; 24. (DNF) 98D-Christopher Deno[20]
B Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 23-Mitch Weiss[2]; 2. 16S-Ryan Savoy[8]; 3. 17-Ashley Boyum[16]; 4. 98D-Christopher Deno[7]; 5. 33-Jake Hagemann[3]; 6. 88T-Jacob Toepper[17]; 7. 22-Chad VanDuker[6]; 8. 4W-Joey Wagamon[9]; 9. 8A-Adam Hansen[12]; 10. 75-Joe Neisius[1]; 11. 16-Cory Jorgensen[4]; 12. 2-Ariel Mueller[11]; 13. 89-Chris McClain[10]; 14. 03-Bryce Huff[18]; 15. (DNF) 3D-Daniel Bjonfald[5]; 16. (DNF) 3P-David Pixley[13]; 17. (DNS) 73-Andy Jones; 18. (DNS) 33C-Cole Boston
Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 22H-Jayme Hiller[2]; 2. 21W-Wyatt Boyum[3]; 3. 16V-Jason VandeKamp[5]; 4. 27-Corey Mehrwerth[6]; 5. 23-Mitch Weiss[7]; 6. 3D-Daniel Bjonfald[1]; 7. 4W-Joey Wagamon[9]; 8. 3P-David Pixley[8]; 9. (DNF) 03-Bryce Huff[4]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 21-Jake Smith[1]; 2. 87-William Moelter[8]; 3. 11-Ashton Schulte[7]; 4. 75-Joe Neisius[3]; 5. 16-Cory Jorgensen[4]; 6. 98D-Christopher Deno[6]; 7. 2-Ariel Mueller[5]; 8. (DNF) 73-Andy Jones[9]; 9. (DNF) 88T-Jacob Toepper[2]
Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 5-David Swearingen[2]; 2. 24-Cole Elton[4]; 3. 30-Joey Jensen[7]; 4. 19X-James Trantina III[8]; 5. 33-Jake Hagemann[1]; 6. 22-Chad VanDuker[3]; 7. 8A-Adam Hansen[5]; 8. (DNF) 33C-Cole Boston[6]
Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 17B-Zach Benson[2]; 2. 40JR-Tyler Vernon[1]; 3. 28-Paul Ripley[4]; 4. 16X-Garrett Paull[5]; 5. 46-Ryan Putnam[8]; 6. 16S-Ryan Savoy[6]; 7. 89-Chris McClain[3]; 8. (DNF) 17-Ashley Boyum[7]
12 entries

Mod Fours Feature (20 Laps): 1. 5H-Dustin Holtquist[1]; 2. 7L-Tyler Larson[3]; 3. TB81-Tommy Bawden[2]; 4. 15H-Connor Hass[5]; 5. 21-Blake Hawker[4]; 6. 7-Alexander McFarlen[10]; 7. 31J-Jordan Fischer[9]; 8. 617-Patrick Specht[7]; 9. 20-Connor Bruss[8]; 10. (DNF) 5-Robert Holtquist[6]; 11. (DNF) 60-Maeghan Milz[11]; 12. (DNS) N88-Gerrald Nohner
Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 5H-Dustin Holtquist[6]; 2. 21-Blake Hawker[4]; 3. 15H-Connor Hass[5]; 4. 617-Patrick Specht[3]; 5. 31J-Jordan Fischer[1]; 6. (DNF) N88-Gerrald Nohner[2]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. TB81-Tommy Bawden[5]; 2. 7L-Tyler Larson[6]; 3. 5-Robert Holtquist[3]; 4. 20-Connor Bruss[4]; 5. 7-Alexander McFarlen[2]; 6. (DNF) 60-Maeghan Milz[1]
19 entries

Super Stocks Feature (25 Laps): 1. 78K-Dexton Koch[4]; 2. 22T-Terran Spacek[1]; 3. 9-Dylan Kromschroeder[5]; 4. 8-Matthew Larson[9]; 5. 33C-Cole Chernosky[2]; 6. 7A-Shane Sabraski[13]; 7. 21-Joey Jensen[12]; 8. 2-Denis Czech[15]; 9. 33N-Austin Niemeyer[7]; 10. 19X-James Trantina III[8]; 11. 19-Tristan LaBarge[6]; 12. 44-Kris Peterson[19]; 13. 00-Jason Hobbs[17]; 14. 82-Paul Gucinski[16]; 15. (DNF) 11-Denny Schouveller[18]; 16. (DNF) 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer[3]; 17. (DNF) 77-Scott Lawrence[14]; 18. (DQ) 06-Jeremy Nelson[10]; 19. (DQ) 33-Curt Myers[11]
Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 33C-Cole Chernosky[2]; 2. 22T-Terran Spacek[6]; 3. 78K-Dexton Koch[7]; 4. 8-Matthew Larson[4]; 5. 06-Jeremy Nelson[1]; 6. 21-Joey Jensen[5]; 7. 7A-Shane Sabraski[9]; 8. 2-Denis Czech[3]; 9. 00-Jason Hobbs[8]; 10. 44-Kris Peterson[10]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer[2]; 2. 9-Dylan Kromschroeder[1]; 3. 19-Tristan LaBarge[4]; 4. 33N-Austin Niemeyer[5]; 5. 19X-James Trantina III[8]; 6. 33-Curt Myers[7]; 7. 77-Scott Lawrence[3]; 8. 82-Paul Gucinski[6]; 9. 11-Denny Schouveller[9]
6 entries

Hornets Feature (12 Laps): 1. 73-Payson Patrin[2]; 2. 26-Jenna Hagemann[1]; 3. 94-Bobie Arnes[3]; 4. 23T-Anthony Jenson[6]; 5. 89J-Randy Jacoboski[5]; 6. (DNF) 104-Jonathan Aderman[4]
Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 26-Jenna Hagemann[2]; 2. 73-Payson Patrin[3]; 3. 94-Bobie Arnes[5]; 4. 104-Jonathan Aderman[6]; 5. 89J-Randy Jacoboski[1]; 6. 23T-Anthony Jenson[4]

Article Credit: Article by Tami Jo Kuehn

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